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We focus on how to get the best performance and sound out of your singing / playing that would match the genre of the music that you love. We also utilize creative methods that would inspire you during the recording session. Result? Less "fix it in the mix" and organic sounding performance that sounds professional and natural, yet retain the musicality.


We are the master in “fixing” your recording so that it matches the radio-ready standard. Tuning vocal, tightening drum performance, etc. We can make your imperfect recording sounds perfect yet retain the sound of your unique personality.

Editing & Post Production
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Everyone understands the importance of mixing. However, mixing does not have to be complicated. It’s all about paying attention and listening. We listen and understand your requirement and expectation on a song. We dig into the sound of different genre and style. Your song will sounds full, rich, punchy, polished, balance and professional.


Mastering is often a myth to non-engineers. We are here to simplify things up. Your finished song after all these hard work deserves a final coat of polishing. Your song will sounds even better than the reference track and ready for release. Congratulations!

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Got a rough demo only? Wanna make your song more outstanding but no idea how to do so? We helped bands improve the guitar riffs, re-arrange the drum patterns, fine tune the bass groove, write harmony vocals, add production layers like synths / cinematic effects, etc. We can bring your song to the next level. Every musician believes in one fact: "A good song start with a good arrangement".

Composing Music
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We offer one-stop service for music composition (Composing, Recording, Mixing) for advertisement and social media video. We tailor made music according to your needs.


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(Composing / Arranging / Recording / Mixing)

(Composing / Arranging / Recording / Mixing)

(Composing / Arranging / Recording / Mixing)


Found in 2017, based in Hong Kong, Music is Water studio is a place for musicians who are looking for professional yet affordable music production services. 

With over 10 years of experience working with bands, we specialize in genre such as Rock, Alternative, Pop, Punk, Metal, etc. We aim at discovering the unlimited possibilities in music. This is the best place for independent bands and artists.

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