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Music Recording

Once the song has been recorded, the next step is mixing. Mixing is the procedure of balancing the level of different tracks, changing the sonic quality of each one of them (e.g. make it brighter or darker), adding some effects like reverb and delay. The goal is to make all tracks play well together and sounds like a finished song. There are a lot of information and tutorials out there regarding mixing and we are not going to go too deep.

These days, many musicians are trying to produce their song from start to finish on their own. They would write, play, record, mix. While this method has its pros, it would also brought some disadvantages. It is because when we work on a song for so long, we start to lose the fresh perspective for it. Therefore, mixing is done by a mixing engineer traditionally. This will not only save time, it also make sure the mixing process will be handled with a different perspective that would allow the best result.

We have over 10 years of experience in mixing pop, rock, acoustic, metal, EDM, live recording, etc. Besides, we understand what musicians love. The goal of our Online Mixing Service is to offer bands or producers and quick and easy way to complete their projects.


Before you submit the song for mixing, please note the following:

  • Please bypass all effects on the recording, including EQ, Compression and Reverb. If the effects are part of the sound, you could leave it there.

  • We support the following file formats: WAVE, AIFF (44.1kHz / 48kHz, 24 bit).

  • Please name the file in understandable manner, e.g. Kick, Snare, Lead-vocal, Guitar-left, etc.

  • When you export the tracks, please ensure the starting time of all tracks are aligned.

  • Please export all tracks and then compress them into a ZIP file. And then submit it to us.

  • Please provide the tempo of the song (e.g. 120BPM)

  • Please provide the mix reference track (YouTube / MP3)

  • If you are providing more than one reference track, please state what elements are you referring to, e.g. Drum (Song A), Vocal (Song B)

  • Please state the additional requests in the message box.

  • Required time: 48 - 72 hrs

  • Revision: 3 time

  • Deposit: 50% ($1100 HKD, pay during submission)

  • Payment method: Online (PayPal)

  • Once the final revision has been agreed and total payment has been settled, we will send you back the file as soon as possible.

If you need online mixing service, please complete the following form:
Online mixing service


$2200 HKD / Song

Image by Sašo Tušar

Thanks! We will contact you ASAP!

Image by Caught In Joy
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