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Vocal editing is one of the most important step in modern music production, especially for pop music. Even the best singer requires a touch of vocal editing in order to lead the vocal production to its perfection. For home studio producers and singers, vocal editing could help their vocal production sounds much more professional. We have years of solid experience in vocal editing, so no matter it is Rock, Pop, R&B or EDM, we could make your vocal recording sounds like what you heard in the radio.

Vocal editing consist of two major procedures: Pitch correction and Time alignment. We will ensure your vocal recording sound much tighter in terms of pitch and timing. At the same time, we will remove any unnecessary background noise and adjust the breath sounds of the recording. This will make mixing an effortless task.


Before you submit your vocal recording, please note the following:

  • Please bypass all effects on the recording, including EQ, Compression and Reverb. This would ensure the best sound quality.

  • We support the following file formats: WAVE, AIFF (44.1kHz / 48kHz, 24 bit).

  • Please name the file in understandable manner, e.g. Lead-vocal-01, Backing-vocal-01.

  • When you export the vocal tracks, please ensure the starting time is align with the backing track.

  • Please export the music as a single MP3 file, then compress it together with the vocal tracks into a ZIP file. And then submit it to us.

  • Required time:

    • Single vocal track (24 hrs)

    • Multiple vocal tracks (48 - 72 hrs)

  • Revision: 1 time

  • Deposit: 50% ($500 HKD, pay during submission)

  • Payment method: Online (PayPal)

  • Once the final revision has been agreed and total payment has been settled, we will send you back the files as soon as possible.

If you need vocal editing service, please complete the following form:
Vocal editing service


$1000 HKD / Song

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