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Drum is one of the hardest instrument to master, while recording drum is not a simple task. In modern music production, especially for Pop / Rock music, a solid and steady drum beat could make the song sounds much more professional and pleasant to listen to. As a result, producers often edit the drum recording to enhance the precision of the rhythm. When we completely align the drum beat to the grid (i.e. to the metronome), this procedure is called Quantization. Drum editing could make overdub much easier. At the same time, it could fix the mistakes made by the drummer during the recording and make the final drum sounds much more punchy and powerful.

We have with over hundred hours of experience in drum editing. We could immediately improve the quality of your drum production. We DO NOT rely on automatic correction done by the computer. Instead, we do manual editing. Therefore, the final product will be natural, musical while retaining the personality of the drummer.


      Before you submit your drum recording, please note the following:

  • Please bypass all effects on the recording, including EQ, Compression and Reverb. This would ensure the best sound quality.

  • We support the following file formats: WAVE, AIFF (44.1kHz / 48kHz, 24 bit).

  • Please name the file in understandable manner, e.g. Kick, Snare, Hi-Tom, Overhead, etc.

  • When you export the drum tracks, please ensure the starting time of all drum tracks are aligned.

  • Please export the music as a single MP3 file, then compress it together with the drum tracks into a ZIP file. And then submit it to us.

  • Required time: 48 - 72 hrs

  • Revision: 1 time

  • Deposit: 50% ($500 HKD, pay during submission)

  • Payment method: Online (PayPal)

  • Once the final revision has been agreed and total payment has been settled, we will send you back the files as soon as possible.

If you need vocal editing service, please complete the following form:
Drum editing service


$1000 HKD / Song

Image by David Martin

Thanks! We will contact you ASAP!

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