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Once the songs has been mixed, the final procedure is to master the track. In traditional music production, mixing and mastering is done by two different engineers. This is to ensure both keep a fresh perspective on the song and allow maximum efficiency. At the same time, mastering is a rather technical procedure and therefore it is usually done by professionals.

Our Online Mastering service consist of two types: Single mastering and Album mastering. The main difference is that Album mastering will make sure songs are coherent within the album.


Before you submit the songs mastering, please note the following:

  • We support the following file formats: WAVE, AIFF (44.1kHz / 48kHz, 24 bit).

  • Please export all songs and then compress them into a ZIP file. And then submit it to us.

  • Please provide the master reference track (YouTube / WAVE / MP3).

  • Please state the additional requests in the message box.

  • Required time: 24 - 72 hrs

  • Revision: 1 time

  • Deposit: 50% ($250 HKD, pay during submission)

  • Payment method: Online (PayPal)

  • Once the final revision has been agreed and total payment has been settled, we will send you back the file as soon as possible.

If you need online mixing service, please complete the following form:
Online mastering service


$500 HKD / Song

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Thanks! We will contact you ASAP!

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